Neck Pain Reduced or Eliminated by Changing Your Posture

Poor Posture causes Neck Strain, Disc and Nerve Damage Proper Posture while Texting and Reading I’m sitting here at a local Seattle coffee shop just observing how people relate to their computers, books, and mobile devices and what I see is a room full of people with terrible posture.   The effects of  poor [...]

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Seattle Upper Cervical Chiropractor eliminates neck pain and headaches with gentle, specific adjustments

Among the various chiropractic techniques, one of the most promising is the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique, also known as AO, which is a style that focuses on the adjustment of the first cervical vertebrae, the atlas. The atlas is located at the very top of the  spine, just below the skull. This is the [...]

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Upper Cervical Chiropractic helps headaches & neck pain

upper cervical nerves and bones Unfortunately, many never seek a definitive cause of their pain and instead resort to dangerous drugs to relieve the symptoms, letting the underlying cause fester and worsen. Clinical research has shown that over 62% of headaches can originate in the cervical spine. Three joints in the neck have been [...]

Capitol Hill’s Premier Chiropractic Center

The Vital Energy Center  is set in a beautifully restored 109 year old Capitol Hill Craftsman in Seattle’s gorgeous North Capitol Hill neighborhood . Not only do we have the most beautiful center in Seattle; we also offer exceptional services:  Chiropractic, Atlas Orthogonal, Applied Kinesiology, Digital Xray, Manual Ligament Therapy, Massage Therapy and Nutrition. [...]

Whiplash injuries treated successfully with Applied Kinesiology

neck damage after auto accident Applied Kinesiology Management of Long-Term Head Pain Following Automotive Injuries: A Case Report. Cuthbert S, Rosner A. Chiropractic Journal of Australia. 2010;40:109-16.   Objectives: To observe the progress of a patient with chronic headache after whiplash and other injuries during and following applied kinesiology (AK)-guided chiropractic and cranial evaluation [...]

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