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Your first 1-hr Massage with Sarah or Clare: 57.

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Sarah Denham, LMP

Tues & Thurs 2 – 6 pm

Sarah is an absolute joy! With over 14 years’ experience in the healing arts, she has refined her sense of touch, intuition, and ability to provide an exceptional massage experience. Her treatment style is a blend of traditional deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, energy healing and Reiki; the perfect blend to calm your mind, relieve stress, and calm painful muscles and joints.

In addition to her Massage Therapy Certification, Sarah is also trained in Pregnancy & Infant Massage, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy , and LaStone Therapy (LST)

Sarah enjoys spending time with family and friends, reconnecting with nature, and bringing smiles and laughter into the world. She and her husband Dave are the proud parents of twin girls Ella & Skyla, as well as a Golden Retriever Lucy. They enjoy seeing how their daughters are developing into their own little beings, changing each and every day.

“Sarah’s work is the perfect blending of skill, experience, sensitivity and intuition. I felt relaxed and renewed after every massage — body, mind and spirit. The tightness in my body seemed to melt away and was replaced with a sense of well-being. ” – J. Hill

Stephen Wadsworth LMP, M.M.L.T-i.

:30 minute session 50,

1-hr session 95.

Mon, Tue, Wed 11:00 – 6 pm Thurs 9 -6 pm

Stephen has been refining his skills as a bodyworker for over 15 years. Currently, his primary practice is Manual Ligament Therapy (MLT). MLT is a tried and proven modality that can effectively treat many musculoskeletal injuries quickly, easily, and with very little effort on the clinician’s part. By utilizing the sensory qualities of ligaments to correct muscular imbalance and dysfunction, Stephen is able to quickly restore proper muscle coordination and joint movement, thereby resolving many types of acute and chronic muscle and joint pain. Stephen also teaches a Manual Ligament Therapy, and actively involves his clients in the process and will teach you about the many positive effects of MLT and how you can help yourself get well faster and stay well longer. You’re in GREAT hands with Stephen, and you will most certainly receive a thorough, effective and purposeful session.