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Unfortunately, many never seek a definitive cause of their pain and instead resort to dangerous drugs to relieve the symptoms, letting the underlying cause fester and worsen.

Clinical research has shown that over 62% of headaches can originate in the cervical spine. Three joints in the neck have been proven to cause headaches: 1. atlanto-occipital (skull and atlas vertebrae). 2. atlanto-axial (C1-atlas and C2-axis vertebrae), and 3. C2-C3 zygapophysial joints.

Although it is difficult to diagnosis the exact cause of a persons headache, there are established evaluation procedures that are the best at clarifying the origin of the pain. Here are the 5 primary diagnostic findings: 1) pain at the base of the skull where the skull and upper neck connect. 2) Tenderness areas at the base of the skull ((feels like sore muscles). 3) tenderness at the side of the first and second neck vertebrae (about 1-2 inches down from the base of the skull), 4) reduced range of motion when looking over the left or right shoulder, 5) aggravation of headaches with passive range of motion to the left or right ( this is when someone else turns your head to the left or right). All 5 criteria point to dysfunction of the upper cervical spine as being the source of the headaches.

The Atlas Orthogonal analysis considers all 5 of the above criteria and when they are present, there is a chance the headaches can be reduced or eliminated. First, specific xrays are taken to determine the exact degree of misalignment of the C1-C2 segments. Next, the Atlas Orthogonal adjustment, using the distinctive Sweat Instrument, is delivered to correct the upper cervical dysfunction. The adjustment is gentle, specific and there is no twisting or popping of the neck. Patients often respond immediately and report a reduction of headaches neck pain and muscle tenderness, and notice improved cervical range of motion. The Atlas Orthogonal adjustment is one of the most promising treatments for correcting the CAUSE of headaches without dangerous drugs and the results are often long lasting. Put down the pills and schedule your evaluation today!

Occipital headaches stemming from the lateral atlanto-axial (C1-2) joint

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